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March 2010



‘American Idol’ is Horrible this Season – And it’s all the Judges’ Fault

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The top twelve contestants this season are painful to watch, and since the judges picked the top 32 to choose from, I place my blame exclusively on them.  It’s not as if America voted the wrong person off.  They’re all wrong!  Thank goodness Simon Cowell is jumping ship just in time to keep his brand intact.  Also, Kara DioGuardi makes me want to throw something at my television.  Did she actually tell a contestant that he hasn’t reached a level yet where he can high-five people?  Please Kara, tell me at what point, using all of your expertise, that it would be appropriate to high-five.  In fact, I am giving you one big virtual high-five right now.  High-five yourself out of the judging panel, and bring Paula back!  I’m posting a pic of 1950’s teen idol Bobby Rydell because I could not think of anything to post related to ‘American Idol’ that wouldn’t irritate me.  

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