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March 2010



Howard Stern Hates Jay Leno

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If you google Howard Stern you will find thousands of articles on how Stern bashed Jay Leno on the CBS Early Show.  Why the venom?  Though Stern does not say it in the interview, here is the story in a nutshell: Jay Leno hired “Stuttering John Melendez” as an announcer for ‘The Tonight Show’ after Edd Hall left.  Melendez was working for Stern at the time, and Stern felt that Leno was shady, by not calling Stern first to give him the head’s up.  Melendez has since been moved from the announcer position to a behind the scenes writer, which Stern kindly refers to as a “demotion.”  Stern also claims that Leno stole many of his comedy bits from his show.  Watch him bash Leno below.