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March 2010



People Magazine v. Us Magazine: Who Ripped Who Off?

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I’m not sure which magazine you will buy this weekend, considering they are exactly the same!  I realize that all of the tabloids are covering Sandra Bullock, but Us Magazine and People Magazine pretty much have the exact same cover, right down to the picture of Sandra Bullock.  How is it possible that out of all the Sandra Bullock pictures out there, the two leading magazines picked the same one?  Someone is guilty, and I want to know who it is.  Even the color choices are the same!  Click on the links below and judge for yourself.  As an aside, this issue was addressed in the film ’13 Going on 30′ once, and the magazine names were changed for the film.  Fast forward to the 3:30 mark in the clip below to see what I am talking about. 

Us Magazine