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April 2010



David Letterman Calls Jay Leno a "Boob" – Watch a Clip

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The late night wars will continue until both Letterman and Leno are dead and buried – and even then I have doubts.  Dr. Phil appeared on Letterman and brought up the Leno/Conan NBC fiasco.  Letterman jumped on it, and was quick to point out all the things he hated about Leno.  Letterman dismissed Leno’s claim that both he and Conan were “equally screwed.”  “How did they both get screwed?” asked Letterman.  Especially when Leno kept his old show.”  As a sidenote to my readers who have jumped on me for my Leno hatred, the main reason I staunchly take Conan’s side, is because Leno originally stole ‘The Tonight Show’ from Letterman after Carson retired.  This is now a pattern of behavior.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, take the time to Netflix ‘The Late Shift.’  Anyways, watch a clip from Dr. Phil’s appearance below.