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April 2010



More Details about Oprah’s Channel Revealed

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Oprah has her own TV Channel, which means she has complete control over everything that airs on the channel during the 24-hour day.  That’s a lot of programming.  She has now revealed some of the shows that we can expect to see.  Her best friend Gale King will get her own show called ‘Gale King Live.’  Another show will be called ‘Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind,’ which will let you look inside the creative mind of artists such as James Cameron and Lady Gaga.  Shania Twain will get her own show called ‘Why Not,’ which will feature her life after her marriage ended.  Oprah will also partner with reality television guru Mark Burnett for a show called ‘”Your Own Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star.’  I could mention all the others but I’m already exhausted.  None of these sound that interesting to me, and it’s all just a gigantic attempt for Oprah to take over the world.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she buys up every single channel on television next.  Anyways, if you want to know the rest of them, click the link below. 

Oprah: No Escape in Sight