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April 2010



‘When You’re Strange’ – New Documentary on ‘The Doors’ Debuts April 9th

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I confess I never really understood the appeal of ‘The Doors.’  I knew a lot of guys that had Jim Morrison’s poster on their wall, but I just never got it.  Then I went to Paris and saw Morrison’s grave, and, at the very least, I understood the amount of love people had for Morrison.  The interest in the group doesn’t seem to wane, and this new documentary reflects that.  The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2009, to great reviews.  The only complaint involved the narration, so Johnny Depp was brought on to re-narrate the film.  This is not the first film about the group.  Oliver Stone directed a Doors biopic in 1991, but fans complained that it was historically inaccurate.  Unlike Stone’s biopic, it seems that writer/director Tom DiCillo got his facts straight.  See the trailer below.