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May 2010



Casey Affleck is Shopping Around a Joaquin Phoenix Documentary – It’s Apparently Disturbing

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Remember that Joaquin Phoenix appearance on David Letterman?  After the interview, many people speculated that it was all a hoax for Casey Affleck’s documentary about Phoenix.  Unfortunately, it might not have been fake after all.  Affleck’s documentary is complete, and he is now shopping it around.  Reports are circulating about some of the content in the film, and it’s pretty horrendous.  Of the many disturbing details, here are the highlights: someone defecates on Phoenix’s face; he snorts a line of cocaine and orders call girls; and he participates in oral sex with a publicist of “unknown gender.”  Wow – they sure weren’t kidding when they said Hollywood would strip you of your soul.  Is this supposed to have some sort of artistic merit?  Maybe I am an uptight prick, but I can’t see what the value is in watching someone self-destruct on screen.  Especially, when Phoenix’s brother died of a drug overdose at such a young age.  You would think this stuff would be taken a tad more seriously.  Watch the Letterman interview I’m referring to below.

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