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May 2010



Erin Andrews Responds to Elizabeth Hasselbeck: "That Bitch Never Called"

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Erin Andrews responded to Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s tearful apology on ‘The View.’ In case you missed it, Hasselbeck said that she took the advice of her five year old daughter and called Andrews to ask forgiveness for basically saying that she’s a slut – followed by a reference to her stalker.  Well, Andrews calls bull-shit.  She said that she never spoke to Hasselbeck.  Andrews was admittedly angry about the initial comments, stating that she cried when she heard it.  She said that her biggest complaint is that Hasselbeck “made a mockery of something [she’s] lived through this last year.”  She felt like it was a “slap in the face for victims of stalkers and victims of sexual predators.”  This isn’t the first time that Hasselbeck has been called out for lying on ‘The View.’  When she and Rosie O’Donnell had their infamous fight, Hasselbeck claimed that they spoke and made up.  O’Donnell refuted the claims, saying that even though Hasselbeck called her house, she didn’t answer the phone and the two never talked.  Watch Hasselbeck’s apology below.