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May 2010



Lindsay Lohan Posts an Extremely Disturbing Video on Her Twitter Account

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I shamelessly follow Lindsay Lohan’s tweets, and clicked on a link to a video that she posted.  It’s horrific.  She literally cannot move without her bodyguard shoving the paparazzi away.  I’m aware that she’s a celebrity, and I’m also aware of the endless arguments about how she opened the door to this.  But just because you choose to be in the spotlight doesn’t give these blood sucking vultures an excuse to endanger her safety, and the safety of the innocent bystanders around her.  Sadly, it’s up to the legislature to pass a law that keeps these paparazzi at a distance, and they haven’t done anything yet.  Schwarzenegger signed an anti-paparazzi law, but all it says is that paps cannot make money off a photograph that was taken illegally.  The problem is that these photos are usually legal.  And before you wax on about the First Amendment, note that the First Amendment has limitations.  A law could easily be passed that is within the confines of the constitution.  Too heavy?  Watch the video below and you tell me.  Cut it off around the 3:00 minute mark though.