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May 2010



Sarah Jessica Parker Insists that She and Kim Cattrall Don’t Hate Each Other

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In Sarah Jessica Parker’s new interview with Marie Claire, she was asked the invetiable question.  Is it true that she and Kim Cattrall hate each other?  No, insists Parker.  So why the rumors?  “Because the press has to put women in these boxes,” says Parker.  “Rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful.”  While it’s true that the press is filled with some blood sucking maggots, this particular rumor happens to have some merit.  There was a time when the ‘Sex and the City’ film was shelved, and Kim Cattrall was to supposedly to blame.  In fact, Kristin Davis admitted on Letterman that everyone was on board for the original film except one person.  Cattrall’s camp even released statements to the press that she had no interest in doing the film.  Cattrall said that she turned it down because “the timing wasn’t right.”  Though I’m guessing she was either offered more money or she realized that it was probably a good career move to continue the franchise. 

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