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June 2010



Chris Rock Defends Jay Leno on Howard Stern

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Chris Rock appeared on Howard Stern today, alongside David Spade, to promote their new Adam Sandler movie, ‘Grown Ups’.  When Stern asked for Rock’s take on the late-night feud, Rock defended Jay Leno.  “God forbid the man would want to keep his job,” said Rock.  Rock also pointed out that Conan did the exact same thing to George Lopez that Jay did to him, and any time you put two comedians back-to-back, it is going to water down the second guy’s audience.  If you’re a Howard Stern fan, you might particularly enjoy this, because those who know Stern are aware that he vehemently hates Jay Leno.  Often I listen to Stern’s Leno rants and wonder if Leno killed Stern’s first born child, and we just don’t know about it.  I hate to admit it, but I almost agree with Chris Rock.  Conan did to Jay what Jay did to Carson.  Both were gunning for ‘The Tonight Show’, and both tried to push the guy out that already had it.  So even though I don’t feel bad for Jay Leno (because what goes around comes around), I certainly don’t think that Conan was an innocent little lamb in this whole thing.  When a guy has a #1 show, you don’t push him out.  That being said, I still hate Jay Leno.