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June 2010



Ellen DeGeneres Gets a Variety Show – Will it Ever End?

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Ellen DeGeneres is definitely capitalizing on her ‘American Idol’ attention.  First she starts a record label, and now she’s getting a variety show.  With the exception of my Julianne and Derek Hough idea, I don’t think the variety show format will work.  Rosie O’Donnell already failed at it, and just about every reality television show is basically a variety show anyways.  How would you classify ‘America’s Got Talent’?  The other thing that bothers me about this news, is that almost every time one of Ellen’s daytime guests tell her to get involved in something, she says that she doesn’t have the time.  I remember when Kathy Griffin told Ellen to do stand-up in Iraq, and Ellen said she gladly would but there just isn’t room in her schedule for it.  I guess her schedule is free after all. Watch the interview below at the three minute mark to see what I’m referring to.

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