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June 2010



‘Glee’ Casts John Stamos – Hear that Ladies?

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I think almost everyone agrees that John Stamos is a great looking guy, but it wasn’t until ‘ER’ that people starting to talk about his acting chops.  Well, the buzz has paid off.  Stamos will have a recurring role next season as Emma’s love interest.  This warrants a major congratulations to Stamos.  Given that ‘Glee’ is so successful, this is probably Stamos’ biggest “get” since his ‘Full House’ days.  I’d also really like to take a moment to throw this in Rebecca Romijn’s face.  Why?   Because once upon a time when Romijn was married to Stamos, she thought she was on the verge of a big movie career on the heels of her naked-blue-person role in ‘X-Men.’  She condescendingly  threw her burgeoning “success,” in Stamos’ face by saying, “John, you know what the problem is with your career?  You’ve never worked with a good director.”  Nothing pleases me more then when the tides turn in ways that make us eat our unkind words.  Do you think he will now take her out to dinner and give her the same advice?