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June 2010



John Legend Says “Get a Life” – I Say “Get a Personality”

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John Legend has always confused me.  Every time his name gets mentioned in the press, I think: who is John Legend?  Is he even famous?  My father then reminds me about how great he is, and to avoid the debate I just say, “sure dad, he’s great.”  Well, my confusion about John Legend has resurfaced, this time for a different reason.  Apparently, John Legend’s hairline was a trending topic on twitter, and he wasn’t pleased.  In response, he informed his “haters” that he is still “smarter, more talented, more successful, and better looking” than they all are.  Wow – all those tweeps must have their twit-pics up.  He can’t be smarter though, right?  If he was, he might actually have a sense of humor about this.   Then again, if the trending topic was about me and my gigantic schnoz, I might feel differently.

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