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June 2010



Matt Lauer Interviews Elizabeth Edwards – I Hate Matt Lauer

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I have long had a venomous hatred of Matt Lauer’s interviewing skills, and the Elizabeth Edwards interview below provides a great opportunity for me to articulate my outrage. My dislike of Matt Lauer began with his Britney Spears interview, where he basically called her white trash at a time when she was visibly unstable. Then came Tom Cruise. I exclusively blame Matt Lauer for the Tom Cruise backlash. I know he jumped on Oprah’s couch, and I’m fully aware that many people consider that the moment he “jumped the shark,” but Lauer put the nail in the coffin. He questioned Cruise’s Scientology beliefs, when Cruise had long kept it to himself. Though I’m certainly not a Scientology fan, Tom Cruise’s personal beliefs have nothing to do with his movie career, and Lauer had no business even bringing this up in the first place. I realize that Cruise had the opportunity to change the subject, and he chose not to. That being said, I still blame Matt Lauer for pushing it. If you watch the Elizabeth Edwards interview, you will once again see the judgmental Lauer asking his long, tedious questions, which he probably does because he’d rather interview himself than anyone else.

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