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June 2010



Michael Douglas’ Ex-Wife Still Wants his Money – It’s not Just Wall Street That’s Greedy

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Call me a she-hater, but when I read that Michael Douglas’ ex-wife wants half of his Wall Street 2 paycheck, I almost tracked her number down to call her personally.  Are you kidding me?  Douglas’ divorce to Diandra Luker is considered one of the highest payouts in Hollywood history, estimated at nearly $45 million dollars.  Only Kevin Costner and Steven Spielberg can relate to such a financial hit, though they paid way more.  Spielberg was married to Amy Irving for just four years, and he paid her around $100 million.  As for Kevin Costner, he gave his college sweetheart a hefty $80 million paycheck.  I suppose no divorce is truly amicable, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Forty-five million dollars of fury to be exact.

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