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June 2010



Miley Cyrus on America’s Got Talent – A Wannabe Britney Spears? (video)

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Miley Cyrus performed her song, ‘Can’t be Tamed,’ on ‘America’s Got Talent’ last night, and it has caused quite the uproar.  The public’s outrage surrounds her faux girl-on-girl kiss.  My outrage surrounds her not wearing pants.  She’s clearly trying to shed her Disney image, and I guess prancing around the stage in a leotard was the best she could come up with.  Is she even hot enough to pull off this Britney Spears style of performing?  Before my male readers chime in, I’d like to remind you that she’s only 17 and therefore not yet legal.  I actually like this song, I’m just too disturbed by the performance to enjoy it.   

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