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June 2010



Today’s Question: What Happened to Miley Cyrus?

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My mother is an avid reader of my website, and she clicked on yesterday’s link to The Superficial, showing the 17-year-old Miley Cyrus wearing next to nothing at the Much Music Awards.  I’d upload a video of myself impersonating my mother’s very heavy Long Island accent for the purpose of this post, but then I would have to do my hair – and I’m not in the mood.  So I just ask that you imagine a very funny woman, with a very heavy accent saying the following sentences: “Those pictures of Miley what a joke”; “She looks like a whore”; and finally, “What is wrong with her parents”?  I could not have said it better myself.  I really thought that Miley Cyrus would make it.  I thought that because her father was already in the entertainment industry, and because he seemed to go with her everywhere, that she would go through this business unscathed.  I was wrong.  I am aware that she is trying to break-out of her Disney image, but there is definitely a way to do that without dressing like a whore.  To make matters worse, the picture from The Superficial is not the worst one.  If you are lucky enough to find the other photos from the Much Music Awards (which I won’t show), you will see Miley wearing a white leotard that shows the same controversial vagina that Perez Hilton got in trouble for posting.  She deliberately wore a leotard with extremely minimal coverage down-under, and then spread her legs apart on stage, which quite obviously revealed her punany.  Enough is enough.