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June 2010



Tom Cruise Discusses the JLO Butt Slap on Jay Leno – I love Him

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Tom Cruise appeared on Jay Leno to promote ‘Knight and Day,’ and Leno thankfully asked him for the details on the Les Grossman/JLO dance at the Mtv Movie Awards. Tom explained that it was his idea to do the performance, and Jennifer Lopez immediately agreed to join. After watching the interview, I hope that you too will find many reasons to love Tom Cruise again. He’s still the best actor around, he’s insanely good-looking, and he seems like a fun guy to have a beer with. I’d also like to preemt your angry emails about how he’s an obsessive scientology freak that hates women, by saying – I don’t care. Just about everyone I know in the industry that has met Tom Cruise, tells me what a great guy he is, and that’s good enough for me. If you only knew how many of your movie ticket purchases support actors and directors that treat people horribly, you might cringe at your own hypocrisy. Go see his movie!  Watch the interview below.