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July 2010



LeAnn Rimes Wonders Why It’s Wrong to Shove Her Ass in a Child’s Face

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LeAnn Rimes continues to amaze me.  Not only did she have an affair with a married man, and only acknowledged the moral quandary when her album dropped, but she now likes to put her ass in the face of little children.  She was recently photographed on the beach kissing her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian, and his little son was nearly smothered by her ass.  When fans slammed her, she merely said, “since when is kissing your boyfriend a crime?!”  Listen LeAnn, you are perefectly free to kiss your boyfriend, you just shouldn’t do when his child is disturbingly close to your rear end.  My goodness, what happened to the little girl who yodeled on Oprah?  To see the picture in question, click here.
Update: LeAnn just quit twitter because, “It’s unhealthy for [her] and [her] family to have to read negative comments from people who’s [sic] opinions have no bearing on [her] life.”

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