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July 2010



John Stamos Sues Girl for Extortion — I’m Confused

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John Stamos is suing a girl for extortion, after she allegedly claimed to have pictures of him doing cocaine. The girl was said to be underage at the time she and Stamos had sex. Because the lawsuit is about extortion and not statutory rape, the only issue at hand is whether she tried to extort money from him, and not whether Stamos had sex with a 17 year old. Huh? Believe it or not, that’s actually not what I’m confused about. Here’s what I don’t understand: if you are John Stamos, and a girl is trying to extort money from you via email over a picture that doesn’t exist, wouldn’t you just hit the spam button on your computer? Don’t celebrities deal these types of crazies on a daily basis? Why draw attention to this by calling the FBI and taking it to court?

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