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July 2010



Kristin Chenoweth Gets Starbucks Barista Fired — Not Cool

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I know that celebrities are used to being tattled on via social networking sites, and so they feel it’s okay to turn the tables on every-day people.  But this has to stop.  Kristin Chenoweth tweeted about a “rude” Starbucks barista, and the woman was subsequently fired.  First of all, If I got fired from a job every time I had a poor attitude, I would never be employed.  Second, you might have a poor attitude too if you made 7 dollars an hour in a terrible economy.  Third, I know you are very talented and very famous, and the people around you cater to your every whim, but did you ever hear of a bad day?  Let it be known that I’m not trying to pick on Kristin Chenoweth, who I have actually heard is an extremely kind person.  But this should be a message to celebrities everywhere — when we lodge daggers your way, it’s taken with a grain of salt.  When you lodge daggers at baristas — it’s taken seriously.

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