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July 2010



Movie Review: Salt

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I saw Salt with my father, who obnoxiously interrupted the film during every action scene, to remind me how unrealistic it is for such a “scrawny woman” to beat up numerous men at one time.  I told him that no one questioned the weaponless Tom Cruise when he beat up four guys in an elevator in Mission Impossible II.  He laughed at the comparison.  I then turned to my mother who confirmed my father’s take in very few words — “it’s a little ridiculous,” she said.  The film was originally written for Tom Cruise, and last minute changes were made to the script when he dropped out.  I imagine that if the script was originally written with Angelina in mind, the ass-kicking would have been kept to a minimum.  Personally,  I find it refreshing to see a woman kicking ass for once.  Plus, close-ups of Angelina are always welcomed.  As far as the plot goes, the story is moderately thin.  Angelina may or may not be a Russian spy that is trying to blow up the world.  It’s a believable guessing game,  because even in real life, I cannot decide if Angelina is a villain.  That made her great for this role.  In the end, it’s enjoyable enough to see on the big screen.  And it’s not a remake — which made me grade on a curve.