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July 2010



Whoopi Goldberg Defines Racism — Is She Right?

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I am admittedly one of the “bloggers with nothing to do” that pissed off Whoopi Golberg after she said that Mel Gibson is not a racist.  At the time, I said that racists come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them might even have black significant others or best friends.  But Whoopi brought up a decent point on The View today.  She said that judging by the criteria people are using for racism, she too is a racist.  According to Whoopi, she’ll say the most hurtful thing possible when she’s enraged, which includes racial slurs.  So does that make her a racist?  And if it does, I confess that just about everyone I know on the planet might be racist as well.  Perhaps we can use the Alfred Kinsey scale of sexual orientation for racism.  That might make Whoopi a 2 and Mel Gibson a 6.  Despite Whoopi’s decent point, I still think Mel Gibson is seriously disturbed and needs major help.  Whoopi confirmed that he’s in therapy, but he might need to up the sessions.  If you listened to those tapes, he allegedly admits to punching his girlfriend in the face, and says she “deserved it.”  Racism or not, he’s troubled to say the least.  Click the link below to see Whoopi discuss the issue.

Whoopi on Mel