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August 2010



Adam Lambert Makes Out With Random Fans — Can you Say Herpes of the Mouth?

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I’m all for being unconventional and anti-establishment, but I draw the line at swapping spit with random, crazed fans.  American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, took crowd surfing to a new level, by stopping in the middle of his song to make out with his fans.  I wonder what his Jewish mother would have to say about that.  Because I don’t know his Jewish mother, I’ll tell you what my own Jewish mother would say.  Here goes: “You what!? You didn’t even know these people and made-out with them?  What if they had a cold?  I hope you don’t get herpes of the mouth!  That’s disgusting, and you should not be such a little slut.”  There you have it.  Perhaps my mother should give him a call.

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