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August 2010



Critics of ‘Love the Way You Lie’ Video — You Don’t Get It

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Critics are claiming that Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie video, featuring Rihanna, trivializes domestic violence.  It appears that I am forced to tediously explain the point of the video for so many of the neanderthals out there that can’t rub two brain cells together (hear that Perez Hilton?).  Bear with me.  The video isn’t about condoning domestic violence, it’s about a woman trapped in an abusive relationship that can’t find a way out.  So yes, there are obviously moments where she kisses her abuser in the video, because that’s the stuff that happens in real life.  Did you expect Megan Fox to get slapped only once in the video, and then immediately break-up with Dominic Monaghan?  Yeah, that’s realistic. I’ll send Eminem a letter and ask that he sing about rainbows next time.  Watch below.