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August 2010



Mia Michaels Isn’t Racist — She Has Black Friends

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So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Mia Michaels, was recently accused of racism, for what many thought was an unfair elimination of a black dancer from the show.  The black dancer in question is AdéChiké Torbert, and Michaels insists that he was eliminated because he was not one of the “strongest dancers,” and he “would not have been around as long as he was [without] all the injuries [during the] season.” Michaels is taking so much heat because she also consistently insulted Brandon from Season 5, who was an incredible black, male dancer that everyone but Michaels fawned over.  While I’m pretty sure that it’s not fair to accuse Michaels of racism based on a two-person case sample, I found Michaels’ defense extremely annoying.  Must she wax-on about how everyone she has ever met in her life is black?  Did you know she was even engaged to a black man?  Seriously, just say you’re not racist, and move on. No need for ridiculous monologues about how you love black people.

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