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August 2010



Should Howard Stern Play Artie Lange Clips — Is it Moral?

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Something makes me very uneasy about Howard Stern’s replay week while he’s on vacation.  He is playing the best of Artie Lange, which includes many of Artie’s tortured revelations on the radio.  For those of you that don’t know, comedian Artie Lange attempted suicide recently, in a very gruesome and disturbing way.  He consistently discussed his drug addiction and depression on the air, which led me to question Stern’s morals for keeping him employed.  To be fair, Stern openly doubted his decision to keep Artie employed, but often said he didn’t think that firing him would help his recovery.  My problem is that Artie frequently showed up for his radio gig while on heroin, and often fell asleep on the air, which led to grandiose guffaw’s at Lange’s expense.  In hindsight, I’m sure Stern is tortured by his choices.  Is it okay to laugh at the depressed, drug-addicted, alcoholic?  And is it okay to keep paying the guy that is using his gigantic paycheck to facilitate his addiction?  Because neither Stern nor I have objective answers to these questions, I think it’s probably best to forgo the Artie Lange archive altogether.