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September 2010



New Law: Ban Both Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean From Talking

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In reference to Wyclef Jean’s ridiculous run for President of Haiti, the even more ridiculous Sean Penn said that Jean was unqualifed, because he abandoned Haiti after the earthquake, which led to “universal sadness for his silence” (those are Penn’s deep words, not mine). Jean was predictably angry, and responded to Penn at a recent concert, saying [he ain’t see [him] in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine.” Penn denied Jean’s claims, saying that the “physical demands” of his volunteer work in Haiti would make it impossible for him to abuse drugs. I have a couple of things to say about these two self-important pricks. First, I’ve never done cocaine myself, but most of the neanderthals I knew in college that did it, seemed more capable of single-handedly saving Haiti from destruction than Sean Penn. Second, Jean should get a little more creative with his insults. Accusing a celebrity of snorting cocaine is like accusing Tiger Woods of sleeping around.

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