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September 2010



‘Sister Wives’ Family Investigated — Can They Arrest TLC instead?

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The stars of TLC’s new show, Sister Wives, are being investigated by Utah police for polygamy, and hopefully they will be thrown in jail.  But what about TLC?  Is it possible to throw an entire network in jail?  If so, I’d like front row seats for the handcuffing.  While I’m not opposed to documentary-style shows, I draw a line in the sand at shows like this.  It’s gross.  And even if I’m guilty of voyeuristically watching it (which I’m not), that doesn’t make it right.  It’s disgusting, and should be pulled off the air.  Network executives don’t get to high-five each other with a ratings hit, when the their hit show documents morally reprehensible behavior.  And save your emails about moral relativism.  Some things are objectively wrong, and this is one of them.  I’d justify my claim with an actual argument, but that would be a boring waste of breath.  Trust me — it’s gross.