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September 2010



Sofia Coppola Could Have Directed Twilight — Dodged a Bullet

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Sofia Coppola revealed in a recent interview that she was in the running to direct Twilight, but the studio ultimately went with Catherine Hardwicke instead.  Though Coppola was kind about how the movie turned out, I won’t be so kind.  Coppola dodged a bullet.  When I think back to my young self, I am certain that my pre-pubescent teen angst would not have been enough for me to enjoy Twilight.  The entire film was sans plot, revolving solely around longing stares between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.  I’m unsure why Coppola was on track to become a big-budget director (remember Marie Antoinette?) after Lost in Translation, considering she has a more artsy palette.  Luckily she’s back to her old ways, and her new film, Somewhere, is looking like a hit.

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