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October 2010



Conan Listened to The Dishmaster — Looks Rich in Rolling Stone

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A few weeks ago I insulted Conan O’Brien and said that he needs to chuck his new “woe is me” image and start to “look rich.”  He was broadcasting youtube videos from an old, ugly office and began to look pathetic, presumably because he hoped to appeal to his young fan base.  Well, Conan listened, and I take full credit (he does read The Dishmaster, right?).  In his new Rolling Stone interview, he rocks a great suit with fancy sunglasses and hangs from a helicopter, “with a harness that wraps around [his] loins.”  He might have lost The Tonight Show, but who really cares at this point.  Comics only yearn for that time-slot because it was Johnny Carson’s, but when Jay Leno got the gig instead of the more deserving David Letterman — I think The Tonight Show officially ended.  Watch Conan’s Rolling Stone shoot below.