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October 2010



Mel Gibson in Hangover 2 — Must You Murder Someone to Get the Hollywood Ban?

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Please explain to me what Mel Gibson has to do to get banned from Hollywood for eternity.  I believe in second chances just as much as the next guy, but there’s no evidence that Mel Gibson is contrite for any of his actions.  Those “actions” include the much publicized tapes, along with his Jew-hating-Malibu-tirade.  He’s also been on record insulting gay people.  Gibson discussed some of these events during a ridiculous Diane Sawyer interview, where he clearly took no responsibility for his behavior.  So this brings me to my original question.  What does someone have to do to get banned from Hollywood for eternity?  I’m guessing murder, but I’m sure someone out there can think of an exception to even that.  Why employ this guy in Hangover 2?  Why give him a second chance?  Is he sorry?  Is he getting help?  Or is he the same Jew-hating, wife-beating maniac that we’ve come to know and love.