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October 2010



Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Walk off The View — Act Like Children

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Bill O’Reilly appeared on The View, and when the subject of the mosque came up, O’Reilly insulted President Obama for not publicly denouncing it.  When Behar and Goldberg insisted that the mosque was okay because “this is America,” O’Reilly said that 70% of Americans don’t approve of the mosque, especially because “Muslims killed us in 9/11.”  His statement outraged Goldberg and Behar, who insisted that it was Muslim extremists and not Muslims who are responsible for 9/11, and O’Reilly said, “aren’t Muslim extremists considered Muslim?”  His response caused Behar and Goldberg to walk off the set, which seriously pissed off Barbara Walters (who I often call “the Queen”).  Walters said that they should be able to discuss issues without her co-hosts screaming and exiting the set.  I agree.  For goodness sakes, isn’t it Walters that interviewed Fidel Castro?  Should she have bludgeoned him with a stick during the interview?  I imagine that Behar and Goldberg will get a serious tongue lashing from Walters, who previously scolded Hasselbeck for the same thing during a discussion on abortion, which angered Hasselbeck so much that she ripped up her flashcards during the interview. Watch the heated exchange below.