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November 2010



Rachel McAdams’ Ass Defies Gravity — It’s Morning Glorious

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I wasn’t going to post this, but a perverted friend of mine kept sending me the link on Facebook, and I couldn’t avoid it any longer. Rachel McAdams shows her ass in the trailer for her new film with Harrison Ford, Morning Glory, and it’s so perfect I actually found myself depressed after looking at it. When I told my friend how much it plagued me, he insisted that I need not worry about it, as I have a “small upper body.” Translation? — “Don’t worry about your fat ass.” I’d like to become friends with Rachel so that I can assess how many years of squats it would take to duplicate what you see below. Further Reading: Sara Corrales is naked — Best body ever!

  • Pins4569

    Hmmm – this video is too racy for the Dishmaster and maybe too gratuitious as a general matter. Moreover, I think this post is slightly too self-deprecating – maybe she has a medically engineered ass and maybe it is movie magic. There is just too much going on in this video for me to even really think clearly about it…

    • I seriously contemplated whether it was too racy, because of my very high
      ethical standards. I decided to post it in the end, because it was actually
      in the trailer, and they had to know that people would react this way. It
      is 2010, after all — the land of the sex tape.

      • Joseph Fay

        I just saw this page. You know that’s an ass double, right? It’s a real chick, but not Rachel McAdams.

  • Anonymous

    Ha… all I know is that I went online midway through a movie to search this very term, and lo and behold… the same scene that inspired my search is your clip. So it must be true… !

  • dirty ernie

    This is superb ass footage.  I saw this movie and couldn’t believe this young lady’s behind wasn’t some kind of CGI creation.  An ass any man would be proud to eat ice cream out of.  Yessireeebob!!