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November 2010



Robert Downey Jr. Discusses Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen — Or Does He?

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Robert Downey Jr. is either the greatest interview or the worst interview.  When you piss him off, he’ll let you know.  While promoting his new film, Due Date, on The Today Show, Meredith Viera asked him some very uncomfortable questions about his friendships with Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen, and Downey didn’t look pleased.  He insisted that Gibson hired him when no one else would, and when asked what he would say to Charlie Sheen, Downey said, “whatever I would say to him.”  There’s nothing that annoys me more than asking a celebrity about other celebrities during their interview.  If you can’t land Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen to interview, then why not ask Robert Downey, Jr. about them, right?  How about next time Meredith asks Robert Downey Jr. about Robert Downey Jr.

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