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December 2010



Jessica Simpson Still Makes Strange Faces When She Sings

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This post was originally supposed to be about how pretty Jessica Simpson looked at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting.  Then when I tried to pull pictures of her outfit, I stumbled across the photo to the right, and I had to go to the dark place.  For the last four or five years, Jessica Simpson has picked up some very strange singing habits that she didn’t have when she first entered the business.  She opens her mouth extremely wide, and then belts out notes that are out of her vocal range.  This surprises me because singers are supposed to find their way over time — not lose it.  As a side-note, it doesn’t surprise me that she dated John Mayer, because they might have bonded over their mutual “O” faces.  Alright, I seriously don’t mean to pick on Jessica Simpson, I’m merely giving some very positive, constructive criticism.  After all, I’m so inundated with positive energy, it would be a shame not to share it.  Watch below.