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December 2010



Johnny Carson Called Conan O’Brien — Holy Shit

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I’d heard that Johnny Carson called Conan O’Brien, but Conan never gave any details until now.  Apparently, Carson called him to give advice when he found out that Conan was taking over The Tonight Show.  After watching the video below, it occurred to me that Conan is still devastated about losing the franchise.  I think he needs to a therapist so that he can finally put this behind him.  And by “therapist,” I mean David Letterman, who also lost The Tonight Show to Jay Leno.  In fact, Johnny Carson also advised Letterman during the first late night debacle, and it was Carson who told Letterman that he should jump-NBC-ship, because NBC disrespected him so much.  Letterman’s exit from NBC marked the death of the franchise, so Conan shouldn’t feel so sad about losing something that no longer existed.   If he wants to call me, I’ll be his therapist — and I’ll even give him a discount.