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December 2010



Mel Gibson Called Jews Oven Dodgers — Winona Ryder Says So

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Can someone please explain how Mel Gibson got away with his career for as long as he did?  I know that Hollywood continues to employ assholes — talent or not — but anti-Semites?  According to Winona Ryder, she ran into him at a Hollywood party with her gay friend, and Gibson not only made a gay joke, but when he found out she was Jewish, he called Jews “oven dodgers.”  Enough said.

  • Joe Fay

    Anti-semite is a type of asshole. So are communists and Hollywood has its share of those. Its an equally delusional belief that communism in practice is any more gentle or just than fascism.

    • Jacob Moss

      Either way, calling Jews oven-dodgers is terrible.

      • It’s also pretty creative in a drunken state — clearly it was a familiar
        term — maybe he used to say it at family gatherings.