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December 2010



Why Did Christian Bale Have an American Accent During His Verbal Tirade?

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Everyone remembers Christian Bale’s on-set rant, but no one noticed that he was yelling with an American accent.  Bale was born in Wales, and he has an English accent.  At the time of his infamous tirade, he was playing a character with an American accent, and he apparently never breaks character while filming a movie.  I applaud his dedication, but isn’t this a little strange?  The man was furious — so you would think he would break character and slip back into his natural accent.  I’ve posted both his tirade and his apology below.  Although he seems pretty charming during his apology, I don’t think it cleaned up the public mess he created.  Most people still thinks he’s pretty nuts, so unless he sits down with Barbara Walters, I imagine he and Russell Crowe will soon have a lot in common.  Listen below and notice the accents.