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April 2011



‘American Idol’ is Terrible — Judges Say Nothing Negative

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American Idol is absolutely unwatchable this season. The judges did not have one negative comment the entire show. How is that possible? Is the entire group going to have a successful music career? Are they already perfect? I’ve never missed Simon Cowell so much. He used to comment on issues outside the performances also, which these judges don’t do. Remember when Simon told Carly Smithson that she “needed to have a talk with the person dressing her at the moment — because she doesn’t look like a star.” Or how about when he told David Cook that his personality seemed “boring.” Is someone planning to tell Pia Toscano that unless she gets more of a personality, she’ll never make it in the business? It’s not just about voice, and even if it were, the judges would still be completely wrong. I’d point out every terrible performer on tonight’s show, but that would just be negative. And here at The Dishmaster I try to be positive.

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