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April 2011



Karina Smirnoff Poses Naked for Playboy — What’s the Point?

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I’m a huge fan of Playboy. I grew up in a house with Playboy magazines on the coffee table, and I read it for the articles (no, I’m not kidding). That being said, I have absolutely no idea why Karina Smirnoff would pose for the magazine. She’s already famous from Dancing With the Stars, and this will do nothing to elevate her career. Did she get paid a huge sum of cash? And please don’t tell me she wants to celebrate nudity — because it will pain me to respond. When you’re navigating your career in the business, every choice you make must be strategic. You cannot shoot from the hip, which seems to be happening here. Playboy is a vehicle for hot chicks that are struggling to get noticed, not for people already famous. Yes, Marilyn Monroe did it — but that was a different time. These shoots don’t get the same attention they used to.

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