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April 2011



Real Housewives Jill Zarin Promotes a Liquid “Face-Lift” — Brain-Lift Too?

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I’ve spoken out against plastic surgery in Hollywood numerous times, but Jill Zarin’s recent admission of a “liquid face-lift” has infuriated me to the point of commenting again. First, I won’t directly insult her new face, but I am fundamentally against removing wrinkles, which in turn removes all character in one’s face. Basically, it looks bizarre. Perhaps I’ll feel differently in a decade, but having a completely pulled back look with no forehead-wrinkles reminds me of a zombie. It’s not hot, and it needs to stop. It’s also disturbing how Wendy Williams tells Zarin that she’s taken “eight years off her face,” and the audience claps. What exactly are they clapping for? Are they encouraging women everywhere to look like porcelain dolls?