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May 2011



Christina Aguilera on The Today Show — Needs a Major Makeover

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Christina Aguilera appeared on The Today Show with Matt Lauer to discuss her new hit show, The Voice, and it’s time to take her to task on her appearance. Since everything I’m about to say can be fixed, please refrain from verbally attacking me. First, her extensions are absolutely hideous. And the platinum blond hair color does not help. To put it simply, it looks trashy. Second, she needs to hire a new stylist. I’m not sure what look she is attempting to portray, but her dress is not flattering. She’s curvy, and she’s wearing an extremely tight baby doll dress. And lastly, what’s with all the makeup? She’s a pretty girl — so there’s no need to completely paint her face with caked on makeup and red lipstick. When you’re on a hit show, you have to think about these things. Again, someone needs to point this stuff out — and I suppose I have the unfortunate task of doing so. Sigh . . . it’s hard being The Dishmaster.

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