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May 2011



‘The Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Insults Howard Stern’s Robin Quivers — Total Jerk!

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‘The Hangover’ director Todd Phillips called Howard Stern today to promote his sequel, and he’s officially on The Dishmaster sh*t-list. First, he sounded exhausted and boring, and second, he took aim at Robin Quivers, saying he was “over her.” When Stern prodded, Phillips said she upsets the rhythm of the show, and she’s “changed for the worse with her constant interruptions.” I’m sure Quivers incited his anger after insulting his film, ‘Due Date,’ saying that no one saw it. When Phillips informed Quivers that the movie made “$200 million” worldwide, Quivers responded with, “from where? Thailand?” Clearly the guy can’t take a joke, because his retaliation was far worse than her original insult. Since I’m a huge fan of both Robin Quivers and Howard Stern, I’d like to tell Todd Phillips to suck it. Also — he should go to bed early the next time he makes a Stern appearance. That might help with his boring disposition.

  • Anonymous

    Truer words have never been spoken.  The annoying wench must go!

    • How dare you disrespect Stern’s kingdom. And yes — that kingdom
      includes Robin Quivers — who is amazing.

  • Colin

    Todd Phillips had the balls to say what a huge majority of Stern fans have been saying for years.

    With Artie gone, Robin is more annoying than ever. No Artie = more Robin. More Robin = more inane babbling and more fake laughter. Robin brings so little to the table it’s embarrassing.

    Todd hit the nail on the head. Robin interrupts Howard and then rephrases and repeats the words he just said. She reads the news as if she’s never read the story before. Howard
    often asks something about a story, Robin says she doesn’t know, and
    then when Robin goes back to reading the answer is right there.

    Also, Robin’s phony laughter grew old LONG AGO. Also, no one laughs at anything Robin says… except Robin. She constantly cackles after everything she says.

    And fuck Howard, Gary and anyone else for trying to sweep Todd’s criticisms under the rug and pretend that he went after Robin because she said something about his movie “Due Date”.

    This is what happens when someone is actually honest on the show. Everyone goes into BS defensive mode.

    • Holy Crap! That’s quite the negative review. I have to say I
      completely disagree. In fact, since Artie left I think the show is
      better than it’s ever been. Artie didn’t know how to scale back when
      Howard was on a roll, and Robin does. Artie also went on extremely
      long tangents about his own life and disrupted the rhythm of the show.
      You don’t realize how important Robin is because you aren’t paying
      attention. Everyone knows that the main star needs a foil, and the
      job of that foil is to keep the conversation going. If Robin were to
      create a debate instead of merely agreeing or adding on to what Howard
      is saying, you’d very quickly realize how terrible the show would
      become. She knows about comedy, whether you see it or not. It’s not
      her job to individually shine — it’s her job to make Howard look
      good, and that is precisely what she does. As far as her fake laugh
      goes, I don’t think it’s fake, and if it is, I commend her. There’s no
      audience in that studio, and if there’s no one laughing, I imagine it
      would hurt Howard’s mojo.

      • Gofuckyourself

        You are a fucking moron

        • Flattery will get you everywhere my friend. Keep it coming.

      • Andrew Rinne-Mignotte

        If you can’t tell that Robin’s laugh is fake 99 percent of the time, you sir are very removed from reality and lack any sort of empathy.

        Her fake laugh is one of the most annoying parts of the show.

  • Zipper331

    Todd was spot on with his comments!  I’m still a Howard fan, despite the annoyance always present.

    • You cant call yourself a Howard fan if u don’t love robin!!

      • Adamaf34

        Howard is entertaining.
        Robin is a loudmouth, annoying, attention starved wench. If you can’t notice that about her I feel sorry for you.

        • Man you guys are brutal. Can we please refrain from using words like wench on this positive forum? Sure, I’m The Dishmaster — but I have standards of positivity! Plus, Robin rules!

  • El Bandido

    Ya let the Robin backlash continue…… 30 years from now everyone will remember the Hangover…… Robin Quivers will be lucky if she is Tonto to Stern’s Lone RAnger. 

    • Harumph

       Yeah, the Hangover will be regarded as a classic.  Fucking please.

      • Hah! That’s very funny, actually.

        • El Bandido

          Hey Harumph, Hangover will be remembered the same way we look at Fast Times now. 

  • chezron

    I LOVE Robin! How Dare that boring, monotoned idiot be so mean!

  • Adamaf34

    Robin SUCKS so bad.
    Todd was SPOT ON about her.
    Robin has become an insecure attention whore who constantly screams over everyone else!
    She has ruined so many great bits over the last four-five years with her wanting to be the center of attention.
    How can you people who defend Robin not notice all the constant screaming over everyone else she does when there’s bits going on?
    It’s, “pay attention to me! Pay attention to me!” 

  • Eric

    Robin sucks. Phillips is absolutely right about her.

  • The Truth

    This horrible writer (who hides behind an alias) is a two-bit sycophant. Very few have been so successful with having so littler talent as Robin.

  • Robin is Howard’s puppet. Her laugh is pure fake and she is so used to fake laughing that she is unable to genuinely laugh anymore. She will laugh hysterically at things that are not worth laughing at, mostly her own generic comments. It is very annoying and the Dishmaster is a moron for falling for her fake AF laugh and claiming to enjoy her. Dishmaster is not a regular listener of Howard, because almost every actual Howard fan hates Robin. Every person on the show has been in fake and seemingly real arguments with Howard many times, except for Robin. I once heard her begin to snap at Howard, until Howard said “Shut up Robin”, and she did. They have had an arrangement from the start: Always have my back, and laugh at my humor. Half of the show is real, the other half is set up. Howard has made many great decisions, except for hiring Robin. Howard regrets Robin every day, who couldn’t with her generic comments, questions, and segment destroying fake laughter.