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May 2011



Maksim Chmerkovskiy Dating Cheryl Burke — Huh?

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I’m constantly editing my celebrities-I’d-like-to-ba*g-list, and I often fantasize that at the right club in Los Angeles, I could possibly land some of these very attractive men. One of those contenders is the spicy hot Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is so good-looking he actually hurts my eyes. As it turns out, I might be able to land him after all. Maksim was spotted making out with Cheryl Burke at a club, and though I think Cheryl Burke is a very beautiful woman — let’s just say we are of the same vain. I find their hookup especially curious, since Maksim went on record insulting Cheryl’s weight, and Cheryl fired back, saying that the pressure to be thin from her “colleagues” was hurtful. I guess he got over it — and so did she.

  • Sandra77

    Actually, Maks never made any derogatory comments about Cheryl’s weight – it was Louis van Amstel who did.  Maks made a general comment about extra weight adding pressure to the joints, so not being a great thing for professional dancers.  So Cheryl really didn’t have anything to forgive Maks for since he didn’t insult her or her weight.

    • Yes he did. Google it.

      • Sandragiant77

        Don’t believe every media report you read – some of them attribute Louis’ comment to both Maks and Louis, when in fact it was Louis who made the derogatory comment and Maks just made a comment about excess weight taking a toll on the joints.

        • Maks said it. I’m certain of it. He was chiming-in when Louis said it, which
          ibso-facto means he was on board. If he didn’t agree, he would not have said
          anything at all.