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August 2011



Quote of the Day — ‘Columbiana’ Movie Review

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“Co-writer and co-producer Luc Besson tries a new spin on his tried-and-true “La Femme Nikita” formula, but the results are so clumsy and over-the-top that they should have just called the movie “Panty Assassin” and played the whole thing for laughs.” Alonso Duralde very funny movie review of Zoe Saldana’s new film, ‘Columbiana.’

  • Greg Shawn

    I think it was grear. You people have no taste what so ever in movies if you think this sucked.

  • Maria

    I enjoyed the movie tremendously.  I thought the drama was very effective; the action was packed and I thoroughly enjoyed the chase; the secenery was incredible allowing you to view different locations.  And, of course the actors and actresses selected were all incredibly well selected for this movie.  The only thing I found a little hard to believe was the very first part of the movie.  A tramatized child will not react as quickly as little Cata did.  That a child could plummet a knife into a stranger’s hand with such vengence as she did was a little unbelievble. You had her leaping off buildings, and falling off roofs and finally throwing herself into the gutter…that was the only part I had trouble believing, and I actually heard the crowd chuckling over it.  Other than that, the movie was very captivating.  I will encourage others to go watch. 

  • Green622

    This movie was great….. errr, I meant to say I had fun watching it. Picture this:  Catwoman played by the blue girl from Avatar. Mix in a hefty dose of cliches and laughable dialogue, splash with a twist of bra-less tank-top action, wrap it all in an overdone soundtrack meant to impose emotion on the viewer and finally, glaze over with (suprizingly) decent cinematography. I had fun snarking my way through the film much like I did Tokyo Drift which is now one of my most-watched films. If you want to be compelled or challenged as a viewer don’t see this. If you can have fun watching a movie made for 14 year-old boys (& who cant?), go check out the matinee.

  • Jim

    @Green622 you had me at “bra-less tank-top action”

  • Naresh G

    The movie is simple and slow moving…
    Watch the sweet revenge in the movie by sweet lady Zoe Saldana…

  • guest

    does somebody know the names of the last two musics in the movie?