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January 2012



CT and Diem Reunite for MTV’s Battle of the Exes — Still in Love?

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There are very few reality show couples that I believe to be truly in love. But CT and Diem’s love story was one of the more magical things to watch. He fell in love with her when she was in her cancer recovery and her hair was just growing back, and she tamed the bad boy. When MTV brought them back together for another show, I was elated. After all, deep down inside I’m nothing but a hopeless romantic. Watch them discuss the show below. Here’s hoping the second time around is a charm. Further Reading: Dear Chris “CT” Tamburello — The Dishmaster Wants to Interview You

  • Joy

    oh they are sooooo close, she is trying to hard to get it to fit in the perfect picture.  Just breath Diem, love is messy, just relax.