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January 2012



David Cross on Conan — Makes Anti-Semitic Comment

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Just because you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you’re allowed to make anti-Semitic comments. David Cross appeared on Conan to discuss his new film, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and it’s clear he hated the experience. Though I love when an actor is brutally honest about mistreatment on set, he crossed the line when he said that one of the producers is the “Personification of what people think about when they think negatively about Jews.”

  • Runtin Bergman

    So you are angry that Cross illudes to certain stereotypes, that exist independent of him, as a means to describe a fellow member of his race ??

    I don’t see that as worthy of criticism. The funny comes from the fact that he has gotten away with saying something without actually saying anything. We all know it, you included.

  • Runtin Bergman

    In fact, you reacting this way makes you guilty of harbouring the very stereotypes you despise.

    • To say for instance, “He was a cheap guy, he is the personification of everything someone thinks when they say “cheap Jew” — is anti-Semitic. Whether the speaker is Jewish or not.

      • misterfischer

        I feel like anti-semitic is too harsh a word. Although, he doesn’t seem too concerned with promoting stereo-types about jews.

  • Yougottabecrazy

    Oh my heart bleeds for him NOT! Big Hollywood actor gets paid millions For BEING Jewish and still has a whinge! Poor guy! Oh and everyone who is NOT Jewish is obviously Anti-Semitic! NOT!

  • Fuckface

    David Cross is not a jew. He is an atheist. He believes, and I quote, “orthodox jews are the most annoying people on the planet”. That is all.