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March 2012



Elle MacPherson on Howard Stern — Makes Anti-Semitic Remark?

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Unless you’re a Jew, you’re not allowed to comment on the cultural stereotypes of Jews. That’s a lesson Elle MacPherson needs to learn after an interview-gone-wrong with Howard Stern, when she told Stern he sounded “absolutely Jewish” after he asked if her children mind seeing naked photos of their mother in her house. “You sound like a Jewish mother,” she said. Stern then said he saw a naked picture of his own mother once and was traumatized, which was quickly followed by MacPherson’s quip that she can certainly imagine that if “she looks like [him].” Stern took a swipe back and referenced her failed relationships, saying, “Now I understand why these guys leave you.” MacPherson laughed it off — but I didn’t. I’m a Jewish Dishmaster. And I’m not happy. Judging from Stern’s abrupt end to the interview — he wasn’t happy either. Listen below and fast forward to the end to hear the comment in question. Further Reading: Howard Stern Responds to Elle Macpherson Backlash.

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